Make a difference.

With Communities that Care Coalitions popping up in all over the world, American Fork Communities that Care Coalition (AFCares) is at the forefront of youth risk prevention.

We create a culture that’s smart about mental health through research based education, initiatives, community programs and classes, advocacy, and support for all those affected by risk factors.

AFCares is trying to build a world where communities everywhere have access to high-quality prevention resources and where all know their role in prevention. To build that world, we need your help.

Whether you’re a parent looking for tips to raise your children in the know about substance misuse, a community leader looking to create or join an anti-drug coalition, a wellness professional looking to improve the lives of your community members, a family grieving the loss of a loved one to overdose, an adult ally who empowers young people to lead their peers in prevention, a youth leader in prevention creating a better school or community, an advocate wanting to create a better world for all, or a volunteer or donor wanting to support AFCTC, we know everyone has a role to play in prevention.

It takes a community to create safe and healthy environments for our children, and we’d like to invite you to learn more about American Fork Communities That Care Coalition and learn all the ways our community of AF could use your help.

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Please fill out this simple questionnaire to get started, and be sure to stay tuned for events, classes, and links to high-quality resources. We need you.

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