Where do I turn to find support?

We all need support on our journey. Together, we can end the stigma of feeling ashamed to ask for help. Resources are available that can provide connection and improve our coping skills no matter what our struggles may be.

Strengthening Families

Autism & Special Needs

Mental Health & Suicide Prevention

Addiction Prevention & Resources

Abuse Prevention & Resources

Grief & Loss

Bullying Prevention

Resources for Schools & Educators

LGBTQ+ Resources

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Strengthening Families

Prevention starts in the home. Children need to feel safe, confident, and connected. Adults also need support to handle the stressors of life and raising children in this rapidly changing world.

Autism & Special Needs

Families and individuals with disabilities are often at higher risk for struggles because of isolation and lack of resources. Early intervention and feeling apart of a community is critical to protect this amazing group of people.

Mental Health & Suicide Prevention

While we acknowledge that not all suicide is preventable, it is still the most preventable kind of death. Working to end the stigma and being prepared to respond to someone in crisis is key to suicide prevention.

Addiction Prevention & Resources

We know that substance-abuse disorder is life-changing and takes so much support to overcome. The teenage brain is especially vulnerable to addiction. We want to prevent addiction whenever possible and help those who are struggling find the resources they need to succeed.

See Through the Vape


Utah Valley Drug Prevention Coalition


Addict II Athlete: Addiction Recovery Support Non-Profit


Abuse Prevention & Resources

Our children are the most priceless commodity. The effects of abuse on a child can last a lifetime. We want to prevent abuse and teach families how to empower.

Grief & Loss Resources

Bullying Prevention

Resources for Schools & Educators

Schools are especially important for kids and families. We are here to support our local schools and collaborate in making prevention a priority in our community.

SEL Programs

Toolkits for schools

Red Ribbon Week – Drug Prevention

Evidence-based prevention


White Ribbon Week – Technology/Online safety

Resources for LGBTQ+

BYU Gay Straight Alliance (USGA)


The RaYnbow Collective (BYU Off-campus group)


UVU LGBT Student Services


Utah County LGBTQ+ SHARP Data

The Utah Suicide Prevention Coalition LGBTQ+ Work Group is dedicated to long-term suicide prevention efforts in the LGBTQ+ community. This work group is an educational hub and resource for those working to decrease risk of suicide among the LGBTQ+ people of Utah.

Transgender Health Program (Find a contact person)


AFSP (American Foundation of Suicide Prevention)


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